This is the welcome page. Let me give you a quick rundown. We've added a lot of complexities to the system in its current iteration. We intend to trim down the bloat once we understand what works and what doesn't, and why. Feel free to tinker about.


The important bits that some people may find repugnant:
-Removed iaijutsu the skill and iaijutsu dueling. Duels are now simply skirmishes, and last until someone yields or is incapacitated by default.
-We're writing our own lore. Feel free to use it if you find it appealing. If you like the old lore, we encourage you to continue using it!
-If something is different you don't like, just port the bits you like to the old system.
-Not everything is filled out yet. We intend to not change much initially, and iterate as we go, keeping, buffing, nerfing, and removing things as we see fit.
-Our collective knowledge of proper Japanese is rudimentary at best. Please slap us publicly when we fuck up the language.

Weapon rebalancing. Added weapon masteries.
Removed ronin techniques. Added "generic" schools available to all samurai.

Simple Action Attack at rank 3 for all bushi.
Light rebalancing across the board. Balancing may become more extreme as work continues.
Kata have been removed.

Artisans and Artists exist with a larger focus on them. Intended generic school for all clans to use.
They are still very much a work in progress.

Largely untouched for now.

Very much a work in progress. Spells have been changed entirely.

Largely untouched for now.

Future Plans
Lots of experimental features, small and large, that we're excited to test out.
"Dojo System" - essentially a replacement of the alt path system. Replaces rank 2 *and* rank 4 (generally speaking). Represent's a specific Dojo's techs. Dojos can be exclusive to a specific school, or may be generic for anyone to use.

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