Akaishi Clan

The Clan of Fortresses

Founded by the Thunder-Voiced Lord of the Storm, the Akaishi Clan is charged with the sacred duty of protecting the Empire from a very specific existential threat: The Leech, the Ravenous God whose tainted divine ichor despoils the land and corrupts the living. Along the border of the Blood Mire, the vast, treacherous bog where the Leech dwells, the Clan of Fortresses have built just that: a colossal fortress wall containing seven and seven more watchtowers, upon which they do battle against the unending hordes of creatures, beasts, and demons corrupted by the Father of Madness's divine blood. The unfortunate reality is the Akaishi are not always successful, that corruption has inevitably spread to the Empire at large, and it is also their duty to hunt down and kill those who bear the Leech's Kiss, the soul-rot which can worm its way into entire bloodlines, where it will fester and spread for generations. Unfortunately, all who bear this curse must be purged, and the Akaishi have gone to war more than once to claim their right to execute this grim duty. It is a cruel and unthinkable task to be forced to expunge a bloodline, but such is the gravity of the Unwanted's influence. There is, however, hope. The Twisted Worm lays bleeding in its bog, and should the Akaishi deprive it of sustenance for long enough, it will eventually die. Thus they remain vigilant, for the Empire.

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