Character Creation

Create a Baseline

To create a new character, first give yourself 2 in each attribute. This is to represent that Samurai are well rounded individuals, and it's quite rare for them to have any glaring weaknesses. To contrast, a typical peasant has 2 in four attributes, and 1 in the rest, representing their lack of opportunity in this world.

Choose your Clan

Within the setting there are seven major clans, each founded by a specific divine being, and the imperial family, which leads all clans. There are other clans as well, clans founded by mortals with the grace of the imperial line. These are the clans of men (also known as the lesser clans), and while no one of them is nearly as powerful as the greater clans, they are prone to forming alliances. The political landscape of your game is very much up to you.
(For a summary of the clans, see A Summary of the Clans)

Akaishi Clan - Clan of Fortresses
Hōkiba Clan - Clan of War
Musankumo Clan - Clan of Truth
Negurakori Clan - Clan of Ritual
Shuhōken Clan - Clan of Paths
Sumihane Clan - Clan of Artistry
Yorukuusai Clan - Clan of Maps

The Clans of Men

Choose your Family

The greater clans are gigantic amalgamations of many bloodlines. Within each, there are typically about four major families, each with their own traditions and values. Even within families there is more division, as there are dozens if not hundreds of individual bloodlines in constant flux; merging, splitting, and competing with each other to raise their position within the clan.

When you choose a Family, gain the listed Bonus Attribute.

Akaishi Families
Hōkiba Families
Musankumo Families
Negurakori Families
Shuhōken Families
Sumihane Families
Yorukuusai Families

Families of Men - See: The Clans of Men

Choose your School

There are three major roles a samurai can play in society. The typical and most common role is that of a Bushi (Warrior). When most people think samurai, they think Bushi. The second role is that of the Miyabito (Courtier). These are the samurai that focus not on the physical, but the mental. Memorizing every law and loophole, and persuading others to agree with their point of view is the duty of the Miyabito. The final role is one that lies between, yet outside these extremes - the Onmyōji (Occultist). Despite the less than prestigious connotation of the English name, the Onmyōji's duty is a sacred one - to commune with, understand, and satisfy the supernatural forces of the world.

A member of a clan has access to all of their clan's schools at character creation, regardless of family. In addition, all characters have access to all of the Generic schools listed on the Universal Schools page.

When you choose a School, gain the listed Bonus Attribute, unless that School's Bonus Attribute is the same as your Family Bonus Attribute. If your School and Family Bonus attributes are the same, your School's Bonus Attribute becomes any Attribute of your choice, so long as it shares either a Ring (Air, Earth, Fire, or Water) or a Type (Mental or Physical) with the original Bonus Attribute. (Example: If two "Awareness" Bonuses are gained, you only gain one rank of Awareness, and one of your choice of Reflexes, Willpower, Intelligence, and Perception)

When you choose a School, gain one rank in each listed School Skill, unless a given skill specifies a higher rank; if presented a choice, you may not choose a skill that is already listed in the school's skills. (Example: the Akaishi's Natsurai Defender may not choose Athletics, Coercion, Defense, Lore: Leechspawn, Weapon: Samurai, Kanabōjutsu, or Kenjutsu for their "any one skill")

Akaishi Schools
Hōkiba Schools
Musankumo Schools
Negurakori Schools
Shuhōken Schools
Sumihane Schools
Yorukuusai Schools

Schools of Men
Universal Schools

Character Advancement

Character Advancement

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