Gods of the Empire

Across the Empire and beyond, mortals acknowledge that before them came the gods. To the pious, these divinities are awe-inspiring figures of worship and devotion, worthy of commanding the fealty and obeisance of their mortal servants. In the Empire, that fealty is owed to the children of the First Four Gods in the Universe— the Celestial and Terrestrial Gods— and to their allies.


Though below the level of gods, many spirits still wield great power and influence in the world, and with the right prayers and offerings, can be entreated to aid in mortal affairs. The most powerful of these are the Seven Major Fortunes, who pledged fealty to the gods at the Dawn of the Empire; below them, the Minor Fortunes wield their lesser influence more narrowly, presiding over smaller domains of influence, both in scope and in geographic scale.

Gaijin Gods

The gods of the Empire are far from the only divine powers at work in the Universe, and the people of foreign lands pay homage to their own gods, both benevolent and malign.

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