Generic Schools

Generic Geinin

Bonus Attribute: Awareness
School Skills: Calligraphy, Courtier, Etiquette, Sincerity, any three non-Illicit skills from: Acting, Artisan, and Craft.
Emphasis: Any one for Acting, Artisan, or Craft.
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Daisho, Three Sets of Beautiful Clothing, Calligraphy Set, Steed (Pony), Personal Effects, 8 Ryou

Rank 1 - Preceding Reputation
During the creation or performance of a work, gain +X, where X is your Glory Value.
Ah yes, we've been expecting you.

Rank 2 - A Trained Eye
Any time you present or perform a work of art, treat your audience's Impression Threshold as being one lower. Your Impression Threshold is increased by one. If your GM is not using the Impression system, you instead gain a Free Raise on non-Illicit Acting, Artisan, and Craft rolls.
The subtleties are easy to miss unless you know what you're looking for.

Rank 3 - Share the Spotlight
During the creation, performance, or presentation of a work, you may choose to ignore your Rank 1 technique. If you do, gain a number of Influence equal to your Insight Rank. When a character is testing or contesting a [Social] skill, you may spend one Influence. If you do, they gain a Free Raise. Any unspent Influence is lost one week after it was gained.
Komoretsu-san was instrumental in this performance. Speaking of, he wished to talk with you…

Rank 4 - Soothe the Mind
When you present or perform a work, choose a number of viewers equal to your Void ring. Each target ignores the penalties associated with a single [Mental] disadvantage of their own choosing with an XP cost equal to or less than your Insight Rank for a number of days equal to your School Rank. Your Impression Threshold increases by one.
A delicate brush stroke or pristine note is like a hot bath or massage for the soul.

Rank 5 - A Master's Talent
During the creation or performance of a work, you may choose to ignore your Rank 1 technique and spend a Void Point. If you do, gain +X, where X is the number of summed dice * your Glory Value. (10k6 w/ glory 6 would give +36)
"Breathtaking" is and understatement.

Generic Bushi

Bonus Attribute: Agility
School Skills: Athletics, Battle, Defense, Jiujutsu, Kenjutsu or Samurai, any two skills.
Emphasis: Any one Weapon Skill
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Daisho, Light or Medium Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 4 Ryou

Rank 1 - Obscure Technique
When attacking someone who is not trained in the Generic Bushi school, reduce their Armor Target Number by -X, where X is your School Rank.
You say "unknown", Sensei says "unknowable."

Rank 2 - Stand Strong
When targeted by an Intimidation roll or Fear effect, gain +Xk0 to resist it, where X is your School Rank. Members of your Clan within 30' of you that are targeted by Intimidation rolls or Fear effects gain +X to resist it, where X is your School Rank. This effect does not stack from multiple instances of itself. Use the highest applicable number in the case of multiple instances.
With my brothers beside me I am unshakable.

Rank 3 - Swift Defeat
You may make attacks as a Simple Action when using [Samurai] weapons. Characters without Obscure Technique or Stand Strong may not learn this technique.
The best victory is a quick one.

Rank 4 - Awesome Strike
You may spend a Complex Action to make a single attack. If you hit, your Strength is considered double for the purpose of calculating damage and the attack counts as having called the Knockdown maneuver.
Sit down.

Rank 5 - Refusal
When an ally within 5' takes damage, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action to reduce that damage by X*5, where X is equal to your Earth ring.
Break yourselves upon my body!

Generic Shinobi

Bonus Attribute: Awareness
School Skills: Athletics, Investigation, Ninjutsu, Sincerity, Stealth, any two skills.
Emphasis: Sincerity (Deceit)
Honor: 1.5
Outfit: Light Armor, Traveling Clothes, any three weapons, 5 units of ammunition, Personal Effects, 2 Ryou

Rank 1 - Obscured Intentions
Add your rank in Stealth to all checks made to convince someone you aren't a threat. Weapons included in your outfit and katana gain the [Ninjutsu] quality.
All the world is blind to your passing.

Rank 2 - Stab in the Dark
When you successfully ambush a target or targets, add your ranks in Stealth to the total of all damage rolls made against them for the duration of that combat.
The unseen blade cuts deepest.

Rank 3 - Faster than Honor
You may make attacks with [Ninjutsu] weapons as a Simple Action.
Samurai consider Bushido before acting. You do not.

Rank 4 - Sharp-Tongued
If you have ever won a Contested Illicit Social skill roll against someone, you gain a Free Raise on the next attack roll you make against that person.
Whoever said "words can never hurt me" was wrong.

Rank 5 - Last Impression
When making a Contested Stealth roll against someone trying to detect you, you may call two Raises. If you succeed you may add the difference between your rolls to the next attack you make against that target, or half that much in damage. This bonus must be used within one hour.
Inattentive eyes are easily closed.

Generic Miyabito

Bonus Attribute: Awareness
School Skills: Calligraphy, Courtier, Etiquette, Investigation, Sincerity, any one Courtly or Military skill, any one Artisan or Perform skill.
Emphasis: Any one Social skill.
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Extravagant Clothing, Daisho, Calligraphy Set, Personal Effects, 6 Ryou

Rank 1 - One in a Thousand
If you belong to a Clan without a Miyabito tradition you gain a Free Raise on all [Social] Skills. While you representing your Clan in a Courtly setting, while Contesting a [Social] skill, gain +1k0.
Sometimes "different" pays off.

Rank 2 - Honor of my Clan
When targeted by a technique, skill, or effect that would cause you to betray the interests of your Clan, you may spend a Void Point. If you do, whoever is trying to influence you must test Awareness against Target Number X, where X is 5 * Your Honor Value. If they fail, the technique, skill, or effect that triggered this technique also fails.
Failure of Duty is a betrayal of your kin.

Rank 3 - Careful Words
If you were to lose Honor or Glory for your actions or words in a Courtly setting, the TN to avoid giving offense is reduced by 5. If you fail to avoid giving offense, you only lose half the Honor or Glory you normally would.
Sometimes all it takes is a single fall. Do not slip.

Rank 4 - Underdog
When rolling a Social Skill targeting someone with a higher Status or Glory that you, add +2k0 to your roll. During Contested rolls the bonus is instead +1k1 and covers all Courtly skills.
They will regret underestimating you.

Rank 5 - Singular Focus
You may make an Awareness or Willpower roll a number of times per day equal to your School Rank at TN20. If you succeed you may either explode your Social Skill rolls on 9's as well as 10's (Awareness) or treat Social Skills targeting you as being unable to explode (Willpower).
I will not be turned aside.

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