Hōkiba Clan

The Clan of War

Founded by the Iron-Hearted Lord of the Plain, the Clan of War's duty is the most straightforward, yet the most complex. At the dawn of the Imperial Age, it was the Hōkiba that was tasked with putting all threats to the blade. Their military might was unrevealed, and for over 100 years they pushed the Empire's borders to their natural limit, where they've stayed ever since. Since these times, each Clan has carved out their own territory within the Empire, but the Clan of War has no lands left to conquer. Thus they have reinterpreted their sacred duty as maintaining a standing army should any threats rear their head. The Hōkiba, with these armies doing nothing else in particular, is prone to waging wars for glory, or simply to test their skill just as they would with any other game of strategy, rather than any material reason. The Clan of War fights most frequently with those clans it shares a border with, naturally, and obviously must be able to produce enough resources to feed its near-perpetual war machine.

Hōkiba Families

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