Hōkiba Families



Bonus Attribute: +1 Agility

The Naibuki are the lords of the Hōkiba Clan, descended from the Iron-Hearted Lord of the Plain, and they command their clan as generals and disciplined warriors. Physically they tend to be long-limbed and rugged, with sturdy frames and flinty features. Most Naibuki pursue a minimum of physical fitness regardless of their role in the clan.

In temperament, Naibuki samurai are often stoic, with a high regard for honor and the code of Bushido, which their founder created; though largely self-controlled, some Naibuki become quite outspoken when confronting behaviour they consider uncouth or dishonorable. Naibuki typically strive to be decisive in word and deed, and can be very direct.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Strength

The Yagarou serve their clan as heavy infantry and berserkers, and are typically larger than others in their clan. They often wear their hair long and swept back into a wild mane, which they sometimes dye. Yagarou often have loud and strident voices, and tend to sport numerous scars.

By custom, the Yagarō Family is matriarchal, and is famous for the fact that, barring exceptional circumstances, their women do not marry out. Equally famous is the Yagarō temper, which is often short and easily provoked. Though Yagarō are as devoted to Bushidō as the other Family of the Hōkiba, their passions tend to run hotter, and consequently they often have a reputation for belligerence.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Awareness

The Jōkashu serve their clan publicly as heralds, orators, and bards, while secretly maintaining a small cadre of spies and saboteurs. They tend to be tall physically, and are typically quite handsome. Their men often sport facial hair, and both genders tend to emphasise their eyes, which are quite expressive.

In temperament, Jōkashu are often much more demonstrative than other Families of the Hōkiba, and outpourings of emotion are not uncommon among them, especially on behalf of another. They tend to enjoy wordplay, and their miyabito will occasionally pass especially cunning witticisms down the generations much like bushi will pass down arms and armor. Jōkashu set great stock in their ancestors, and will refer to them often, whether in amusing anecdotes or to help make a point.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

The Shikoe serve their clan as priests and mystics, with a particular insight into ghosts and other ancestral spirits. They tend to be small, with unusually bright eyes, and will often very strongly resemble their direct ancestors.

In temperament they are contemplative and attentive, paying great heed to anything that might be interpreted as guidance from their forebears. Many Shikoe make a great effort to dress in or make use of a variety of effects inherited from their predecessors, and they work hard to preserve such things to pass on to their own descendants.

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