Imperial Families


The unbroken ruling line of the Empire, descended from Waheiji, the child of Radiant Kagayaki and Shining Senkō and symbol of the union between Terrestrial and Celestial gods into one pantheon. At the dawn of the Empire, Waheiji took for a wife Yuutsuru Nansui, eldest daughter of Yuutsuru, and the Imperial line has since taken great care to preserve the divinity of their blood by marrying those whose inherited divine spark is especially strong. Waheiji was prodigy in all aspects of his life, and his rule was long and blessed. His heirs have become ever more mortal over the centuries, but their rule has for the most part been good and just.

Bonus Attribute: +1 Void


The Kaibansō line has served the Imperial Family directly since its founding, defending the person of the Emperor from all threats physical or mystical. The Kaibansō have developed a reputation for dour humorlessness in the pursuit of their duties, but in private they often display a reserve of understated piety and warmth.

Bonus Attribute: +1 Agility


Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

Kuraikoe’s line serves the Waheiji line in the courts, wielding the commanding weight of Imperial law and their own vast influence to defend the interests of the throne. In secret, they also maintain a hidden circle of assassins, which they deploy without even the Emperor’s knowledge to destroy those who would threaten the security of Imperial rule.


Ohayate's Family serve as the Emperor's Heralds, carrying his divine word from the throne into the Empire at large. The Ohayate also maintain a large monastic order to serve the Empire as Imperial couriers, carrying letters and packages across the face of the Empire. While many members are current or former samurai, others are former members of other monastic orders, or orphans, whether samurai or peasant, granted the Ohayate name through adoption and oaths of Imperial service.

Bonus Attribute: +1 Awareness

Imperial Schools

Kuraikoe Assailant

Though most members of the Kuraikoe Family are courtiers in service to the throne, some few among their number maintain a small dojo, kept secret even from the Emperor. There, a cult of assassins train in utmost obscurity to ferret out those who would plot against the divine figure of the Emperor, and subtly end their lives. Only members of the Kuraikoe Family are chosen to attend this dojo, and most members are direct descendants of the School's founder.

Bonus Attribute: Reflexes
School Skills: Acting, Athletics, Sincerity, Stealth, any two skills. Either Weapon: Samurai or Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu.
Emphasis: Ambush (Stealth)
Honor: 1.5
Outfit: Aiguchi, Daishō, Light or Medium Armor, Traveling Clothes, Any one Weapon, Personal Effects, 10 Ryō.

Rank 1: In the Shadow of the Throne
You gain a bonus of +Xk0 to the total of all Stealth Skill rolls, and all attacks from concealment, where X is half your School Rank, rounded up. You lose no Honor for use of [Illicit] skills or items in the service of an Imperial Family (subject to GM approval). Ninjutsu weapons and knives are [Samurai] weapons for you.
Duty to the Emperor extends even beyond the Emperor’s own knowledge, into the depths of the shadows.

Rank 2: Service Beyond Self
On your turn, you may activate this Technique as a Free Action; if you do choose a number between 1 and X, where X is 2* your Void Ring. Until the beginning of your next turn, reduce your Armour Target Number by the chosen number, and gain that number to the total of your damage rolls.
A true servant does not consider their own well-being, only their master’s.

Rank 3: Ensuring Silence
You may make attacks with [Samurai] weapons as a Simple Action.
None who plot in whispers against the Emperor may continue to do so for long.

Rank 4: Kuraikoe’s Rebuke
When you attack from concealment or use the Feint maneuver, the Defenseless status does not end immediately following that attack; instead, it lasts until the end of your turn.
The censure of the Assailants is a shocking thing.

Rank 5: Treason’s End
When you make a successful attack, after rolling damage you may spend a Void Point to activate this Technique. When you do, choose two dice from this damage roll, and set each of their results to 10; use of this Technique does not cause these dice to explode. You may activate this Technique multiple times per turn.
More plots have been foiled by a single blade than by a hundred armies.

Kaibansō Champion

Bonus Attribute: Perception
School Skills: Battle, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation, any two non-Illicit skills. Either Weapon: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Daisōjutsu.
Emphasis: Katana (Kenjutsu or Weapon: Samurai)
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Daishō, Light or Medium Armor, Fine Clothing, Any one Weapon, Personal Effects, 10 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Eyes of Heaven
Add X to your Armor Target Number, where X is equal to your Perception trait plus your School Rank. When resisting a Social skill or spell that would make you abandon or shirk your duties, or when making a Contested Investigation/Perception roll to detect an ambush, gain a bonus of 1k1. Weapons you possess an Emphasis for are [Samurai] weapons for you.
Let nothing escape your notice.

Rank 2 - Heavenly Conduit
When you inflict at least 10 wounds on a target with a single attack, the target loses one Void Point. If the target has no Void Points, you may instead re-roll a single damage die.
To displease the Heavens is to call down their wrath.

Rank 3 - Swift Judgement
You may make attacks with [Samurai] weapons as a Simple Action.
Once the sentence is decided, it is up to you to carry it out.

Rank 4 - The Weight of Honor
When making a Contested roll that resulted from a successful maneuver, add X to the total, where X is equal to your Honor.
A crushing burden for some, a source of strength for others.

Rank 5 - The Emperor's Wrath
Opponents with lower Honor than you, and any opponents that intend to harm your Imperial charge, are unable to spend Void Points.
Even the darkest heart will falter before the righteous.

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