Musankumo Clan

The Clan of Truth

Founded by the Many-Faced Lord of the Moon, The Musankumo's duty is a noble one, to seek out the corrupt elements among the clans. The Clan of Truth took it quite literally, ignoring any implication that they should do so for the purpose of exposing any such corrupt officials. Frequently digging for blackmail, the Clan of Truth excels at wielding the weaknesses of their targets as weapons against them. Blackmail, of course, is an ignoble act, one that betrays Righteousness by keeping crimes a secret. It is a regretful fact that the Clan of Truth has embraced this dishonorable path. To this end, this clan is also the most likely to utilize Shinobi to accomplish its goals. While the majority of the clan are of course Samurai of average honor, without whom no clan could survive, even they are not innocent of the dark deeds the heads of the clan put into motion. Duty is placed higher than any other virtue, and as such, Samurai of this clan typically follow orders unquestioningly. This disposition allows the dishonorable Daimyo to manipulate their subordinates by carefully placing them in the right place, at the right time, with a seemingly innocent set of orders. In this way, there is always doubt if a member of this clan is genuine, or if they serve a dark scheme even they are unaware of.

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