Musankumo Families



Bonus Attribute: +1 Agility

The Komoretsu are the lords of the Musankumo clan, descended from the Many-Faced Lord of the Moon, and serve their clan as underhanded fighters and sinister manipulators. Physically, the Komoretsu are typically of average height and weight trending towards slender dexterousness, and are often darkly beautiful, with fine, angular features and long black hair; Komoretsu samurai tend to age well, often maintaining their looks for a long time. Komoretsu typically favour masks individually suited to the task at hand. A common tactic among their miyabito is to emphasize their fine features with more revealing masks, while their bushi often choose frightening or off-putting facades.

Komoretsu samurai are often knowing in demeanor, projecting an air of self-satisfied amusement meant to imply intimate knowledge of the secrets of those they meet, whether such awareness exists or not. Komoretsu are typically ever watchful for any momentary advantage, and their behaviour is often designed to exploit the rules of propriety, rather than to cleave to them.

Komoretsu samurai typically take their duty very seriously, but often appear much less devoted than they actually are, due to the underhanded nature of so many of their activities.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Awareness

The Shinjugawa are the closest followers of the Komoretsu, typically serving publicly as skilled artisans— particularly actors, dancers, and acrobats. Secretly, the Shinjugawa revere the dark, lightless aspect of the Lord of the Moon's ever-changing countenance, and serve their clan as infiltrators and impersonators. Shinjugawa are often quite slight, and are typically highly flexible, easily able to contort themselves. They favour plain, unassuming masks, often of cloth or other simple materials.

In temperament Shinjugawa are often quiet, though they embrace theatricality as a useful tool. Where Komoretsu samurai make a show of being sly and untrustworthy, Shinjugawa prefer to conceal their machinations by fading into the background when not commanding the stage.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

The Kuukaze are the main onmyōji Family of the Musankumo. They tend to have fairer skin than most others, with unusually large, dark eyes. They typically prefer masks which emphasize these, though it isn't uncommon for their onmyōji to wear masks composed entirely of illusions, rather than physical material.

Kuukaze are often highly cultured, and typically present an image of refined cruelty. Their sense of humour is often very pointed, and sadane is a common passtime among them. Kuukaze are also typically secretive beyond even the other families in their clan, concealing the subtle and potentially heretical nature of their magic, which allows them to command the kami silently and invisibly. Some speculate that there is inhuman ancestry at the root of their power.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Willpower

The Tezō are the Musankumo's enforcers and magistrates. Their builds tend to be larger both in height and width than the other families, with darker complexion and eyes. Their masks tend to cover the entire face, often resembling other immediate family members' masks, with only the eyes uncovered. A typical Enforcer mask is a grotesque and horrific visage to better instill fear, while Wardmasters prefer blank masks with koans or poems carved into the face.

Descended from a deific affair, the Tezō are born cursed, for when the Lord of the Moon lay with the Lady of the Lake, their union threw the night sky into chaos, scattering omens and distorting the Heavenly order of the constellations. Tezō was conceived that night, and all of the ill luck that could not manifest in the sky fell upon him instead, and has followed his family line ever since. As a result of their curse, the Tezō are somber, harsh, and generally disliked and mistrusted. Their dress tends towards the very traditional, reflecting very little change over the years. The Tezō are aware of their curse and its origin, and the shame they carry only drives them more fervently in their duty. In the pursuit of Truth, none are as grimly determined as the Tezō.

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