Negurakori Clan

The Clan of Ritual

Founded by the Gentle-Handed Lord of the Forest, The Negurakori are a clan of scholars whose duty is to preserve historical records, calendars, religious texts, omens, and any such knowledge that was entrusted to future generations. It is said that none of this clan are truly members until they have transcribed a work for their great libraries. Though their duties are scholarly, the Clan of Ritual is not without military or courtly might. However, their greatest tradition is that of their onmyōji. Such well kept records have allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the supernatural than any other clan, and this is the fact the entire clan is built around. Rather being ruled by the bushi tradition of the Wamori family, it is ruled by a council of elemental masters who receive divine guidance from the elemental kami. The Negurakori dislike war, though they are not pacifists, their deep connection with knowledge that has been transcribed by hand over generations has instilled upon them a profound understanding of the interconnection of the Empire. The flames of war do not roar exclusively on the battlefield.

Negurakori Families

Negurakori Schools

Negurakori Lore

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