Negurakori Families
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Bonus Attribute: +1 Perception

Though descended from the Gentle-Handed Lord of the Forest, the Wamori Family do not rule their clan, serving instead the will of the Council of Sages, a group of five master onmyōji each dedicated to one of the elements; Wamori samurai most often stand as yojimbo, magistrates, and peacekeepers, and are typically of average height and slightly stocky, with broad, flat hands.

In temperament, Wamori are often calm, cultivating a deep reserve of patience. They embrace compassion, seeking to understand their fellows and avoid unnecessary conflict. When strife is inevitable, however, Wamori are often bastions of implacable determination.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Willpower

The Itsumaru are among the finest onmyōji in the Empire, and form the majority of the Council of Sages that commands the Negurakori Clan. Physically, Itsumaru are often thin, with high, narrow foreheads and bright eyes.

Itsumaru are typically confident in demeanor, often to the point of arrogance, though their supercilious nature is largely kept in check by adherence to traditional etiquette. Itsumaru are often quite learned, and their speech is typically reflective of their researches.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Awareness

The Nareha serve their clan most often as scholars and diplomats. Physically, they tend to be small and plain, and often become quite bent as they age. Their hands are steady and quick, and typically ink-stained.

Nareha are typically erudite and soft-spoken, only articulating their thoughts after careful consideration, though they can become highly animated about their areas of expertise. Their speech is often full of scholarly or historical allusions, and the typical Nareha sets great stock in the wisdom of the past.

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