Sumihane Clan

The Clan of Artistry

Founded by the Craft-Wise Lady of the Shore, the Sumihane has argubably the most esoteric duty of the seven greater clans: to spread culture within the empire. In the early Imperial Age, they operated much as the Houkiba did, moving to territory recently conquered and enlightening the peoples there to the superior culture of the divines. The Miyabito of the Clan of Artistry are widely regarded as the best among the clans (not by the other clans of course, their own Miyabito are the ideal tradition of Miyabito, but the Sumihane always seem to rank second among their rivals), and for good reason. While the other clans are focused on their own duties and goals, the duty of the Sumihane aligns well with the skills one should expect from a Miyabito: a mastery of words and wit, and a deep understanding of art, culture, and tradition. The Sumihane also have a strong emphasis on virtue, rivalling even the Houkiba, affording them a reputation as the courtly counterparts to the Clan of War. The Sumihane often turn aside the ways of war, and while they certainly don't shun their bushi traditions, they place emphasis on honorable single combat and defensive attrition tactics on the fields of battle, preferring instead to win their victories with words, appeals, gifts, and favors.

Sumihane Families

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Sumihane Lore

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