The Clan Of Carnage


Bonus Attribute: +1 Agility

The Chiha are the only family officially associated with the Clan of Carnage, though it isn't much of a uniform family. The Chiha care not for one's origins or previous allegiances; the only thing they value is one's willingness and ability to kill. As a result they often adopt outsiders into the clan who impress them sufficiently, serving the dual purposes of keeping the family numerous and retaining the vicious edge they so desire to keep. The Chiha value few, if any, religious or traditional institutions, and employ only the most base etiquette when interacting with others when they feel the need. The founding of the Clan of Carnage is a mystery even to most of its members, and few care to know.

Physically the Chiha run the gamut from one extreme to the other. The only physical trait that marks a Chiha is their cold, dead-eyed stare. They are often physically fit due to their restless lives of violence but even the greatly overweight and underweight can inflict great pain. As they have a taste for the finer things in life, the Chiha tend to dress as extravagantly as possible to display their personal wealth and prowess.

As befits their clan, the Chiha are characterized by their love of violence; they do not value honor or Bushido in any way, and are widely known to start bloody brawls over slights. That being said, they are not mindless, and those Chiha who manage to live long are as crafty as they are vicious.

The Clan of Carnage Schools

All Clan of Carnage members may purchase the Quick and Heartless advantages for 1 xp less, and the Insensitive and Infamous disadvantages grant 1 xp more. Clan of Carnage members who take Generic, Universal, or Different schools at character creation reduce their starting Honor score by 2, to a minimum of 1.5.

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