The Clan of Carnage Schools

Basic Schools

Chiha Ravager

Bonus Attribute: Reflexes
School Skills: Coercion, Commerce, Courtier, Etiquette, Any one Courtly skill, Any one Military or Illicit skill. Weapons: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Any one Weapon skill.
Emphasis: Ōdachi (Kenjutsu or Weapons: Samurai)
Honor: 2.5
Outfit: Daishō, Heavy or Medium Armor, Extravagant Clothing, Ōdachi, Personal Effects, 5 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Bite Hard
Add X to all damage done by swords, where X is twice your Insight Rank. Swords are [Samurai] weapons for you.
To the Chiha, all that matters is the kill.

Rank 2 - Swing First
Before Initiative is rolled, you may make a contested Coercion(Intimidation)/Willpower roll against all opponents that can see or hear you. Your opponents resist with Honor/Willpower. Any opponent that fails must subtract 5 from their Initiative roll. A target can only be affected by one instance of this technique per skirmish.
If they falter, strike them down.

Rank 3 - Strike Swiftly
You may make melee attacks as a Simple Action while using [Samurai] weapons.
Surviving your attack is an insult. Answer it.

Rank 4 - Drink Deeply
If you have dealt damage to a target, all further attack rolls against them in that combat gain +3k0.
When your blade is thirsty, satisfy it.

Rank 5 - Live Cheaply
Before Initiative is rolled and your Rank 2 activates, you may spend a Void Point. If you do, your Initiative roll is increased by 10, you begin combat in Fire stance, your ATN is set to 5, and all damage rolls you make are increased by +2k1. These effects only last until the end of the first round.
Embrace death and you will never fear it.

Chiha Strangler

Bonus Attribute: Strength
School Skills: Athletics 2, Coercion, Investigation, Lore: Underworld, Stealth, Weapons: Samurai or Jujutsu and Kenjutsu
Emphasis: Any (Jujutsu)
Honor: 1.5
Outfit: Daishō, Extravagant Clothing, Medium or Heavy Armor, Any Two Weapons, Personal Effects, 4 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Throw Your Weight
Armor never penalizes your Jujutsu rolls. Add X to damage rolls while Unarmed, where X is equal to your Insight Rank plus half the Reduction offered by a set of armor you're currently wearing. Unarmed strikes gain the [Samurai] tag for you.
Bear down on the world, and it will move aside for you.

Rank 2 - Never Flinch
When testing Coercion (Intimidation), add X to the total of your roll, where X is your Strength trait. When resisting Social skills or Fear effects, you may chose to take a malus of 5 and use Coercion (Intimidation)/Willpower instead.
The one who flinches has already lost.

Rank 3 - Dirty Your Hands
You may make attacks as a Simple Action when using [Samurai] weapons.
The world is harsh and cruel, as should you be.

Rank 4 - To the Bitter End
When Grappling, your opponents take a malus of X on any Grapple Action rolls, where X is the Reduction your armor offers you.
Only death should loosen your grip. Preferably theirs.

Rank 5 - Finish It Before It Begins
When rolling Initiative, you may choose to use Insight Rank/Water+1 instead of Insight Rank/Reflexes for the roll. In addition, as a Free Action, you may spend a Void Point to add your Perception trait to each kept Attack and Damage die. This effect lasts for the rest of the skirmish, but afterwards you are Exhausted.
When the enemy is still considering violence, you should already be resolved to it.


Any Clan of Carnage School

Refined Savagery Dojo

Requirements: Awareness 3, Etiquette 2, Coercion 4

Rank 2 - Shaken to the Core
When testing or contesting Coercion, you may voluntarily lose .3 Honor or spend a Void point to activate this technique. When you activate this technique, if your Coercion roll succeeds, the target of that roll must call 2 empty raises on any Social skill test to undermine your position or the test automatically fails. This effect lasts for X days, where X is equal to your Awareness trait.
Why are you being difficult, Nareha-san? You have so much to lose here…

Rank 4 - Biting Words
When testing or contesting Coercion, gain access to the following maneuvers:

Bully [Coercion(Intimidation)] - 2 Raises. When this maneuver is called, inflict a Fear 2 effect on the target that only affects Social skills. The target may spend a Void point to reduce this to a Fear 1 effect.

Return the Favor [Coercion(Bribery)] - 3 Raises. When this maneuver is called, your target may choose to accept your gift and become your Ally, as per the Advantage. If they do not, gain 2 Free Raises towards Courtier(Gossiping) rolls that involve your target. This effect lasts for X days, where X is equal to your Awareness trait. This maneuver automatically fails if your target is being affected by an earlier Return the Favor maneuver that originates from you.

Things would be so much simpler if you just gave me what I want.

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