The Clan Of Conflict


Bonus Attribute: +1 Stamina

The masters of the Clan of Conflict, the Kurumō are largely mercenaries who see fighting in wars as their duty. Typically lean and hardy, in temperament they are often calm and quiet. They are closely aligned with the Brotherhood of the Way, and tend to be fairly pious, donating much of their earnings to monastic orders and causes.


Bonus Attribute: +1 Reflexes

The Akaite are a small offshoot of the Brotherhood of the Way so closely aligned with the Kurumō as to have become part of the Clan of Conflict. Many of them are drawn from retired Kurumō samurai, but others join the sect as they would any other order. Physically they vary by origin, but are typically fit and athletic. In demeanor they are often quite serious, and tend to be observant. They see conflict and struggle as sacred, and frequently send their members into the world to take part in battles.

The Clan of Conflict Schools

Clan of Conflict characters buy Advantages and Disadvantages as though they possess both the [Bushi] and [Sohei] tags. [Bushi] schools still cannot lean Soul Techniques.

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