The Clan of Conflict Schools

Basic Schools

Kurumō Mercenary

Bonus Attribute: Agility
School Skills: Battle, Defense, Hunting, Lore: Theology, Any two Courtly, Military, or Illicit skills. Weapon: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Kyujutsu.
Emphasis: Katana (Kenjutsu or Weapon: Samurai)
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Daishō, Medium or Heavy armor, Sturdy Clothing, Bow and 20 arrows, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 2 Ryō.

Rank 1 - The Tides of War
Gain +1k0 on all attack rolls. Add your ranks in Lore: Theology to the total of all Contested Social Skill rolls. Bows are [Samurai] weapons for you.
There are many ways to wage war, and they're all the same.

Rank 2 - Keep the Edge Sharp
Gain +2k0 on rolls to avoid being surprised and on your first damage roll in a skirmish.
A surprised samurai is a dead samurai.

Rank 3 - Black Wings
You may make attacks as a Simple Action while using [Samurai] weapons.
One way or another, every soldier feeds the crows.

Rank 4 - Soldier's Focus
Reduce your Wound Penalties by your ranks in Lore: Theology plus your Void ring. You are not considered Downed until you are Dead, and may act while in the Out threshold as normal.
While performing one's sacred duty, one cannot flinch.

Rank 5 - All the Light of the World
Gain the following maneuver

Stolen Light - 4 Raises. When this maneuver is called, the target is blinded permanently.
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the Kurumō are responsible for unleashing much beauty.

Akaite Combatant

Bonus Attribute: Perception
School Skills: Battle, Defense, Investigation, Jujutsu, Meditation, Daisōjutsu or Kyujutsu, any one Artisan, Craft, or Perform skill.
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Bow and 20 arrows or Bisentō, Simple Clothing, Satchel, 2 Zeni.

Technique - War Ensemble
When in a skirmish or during a battle, the TN to activate your Soul Techniques is reduced by your ranks in Battle. In addition, you may add your ranks in Battle to resist Fear effects.
Life is an illusion, and so very fleeting. Why, then, should death bother you?


Kurumō Mercenary

Fair Trade Dojo

Requirements: Commerce 3, Willpower 3

Rank 2 - Empty Pockets
Add your ranks in Lore: Theology to the total of all Commerce tests and contests. When attacking or dealing damage to a target that has reneged on a fair deal with your clan or its members, gain a bonus of 2k0.
Thank you for your contribution to the Brotherhood.

Rank 5 - The Wheel Turns
When you are the target of a melee attack, you may choose to lower your ATN to 5 as a Free Action. If you do and your opponent hits you, you may spend two Void Points to activate this technique. When you activate this technique your opponent suffers a retaliatory strike that deals the exact same damage you suffered, and cannot be mitigated in any way. These strikes are simultaneous, and damage is applied at the same time. If the triggering strike kills you, your opponent dies as well, regardless of wounds taken.
All things are one. Any distinctions exist only as delusions.

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