The Clan Of Flight


Bonus Attribute: +1 Perception
The sole family of the Clan of Flight, the Issekigan are one of the smallest families in the Empire. Some Issekigan can claim direct lineage to the founder, and the clan's upper hierarchy is populated mostly by such samurai, but the vast majority of the clan married in or swore fealty independently. Though the founding was long enough ago that no living person can claim to have been around, the Clan of Flight still harbors some resentment towards the Clan of Maps, particularly the Nishikaze family, for their underhanded dealing with Issekigan.

In appearance, the Issekigan trend towards lithe builds and sharp features, particularly their eyes, which are often a very dark, almost black, brown. As every child is expected to be competent with a bow, it is rare to find an Issekigan without well-defined and developed back and arm muscles. Preferring practicality to fashion, the clothing of the Issekigan is typically very simple and sturdy, with hakama legs and kimono sleeves bound to avoid snags, and obi reinforced enough to easily carry a full quiver of arrows.

Personality-wise, the Issekigan are a serious and hardy people due to the nature of their founding and the jobs they perform. Trust is hard to gain, and exceedingly easy to lose.

The Clan of Flight Schools

All Clan of Flight characters may purchase the Wary and Heart of Vengeance: Yorukuusai Clan advantages for 1 xp less. If they narrow "Yorukuusai Clan" to "Nishikaze Family", the discount is 2 xp instead.

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