The Clan of Flight Schools

Basic Schools

Issekigan Sharpshooter

Bonus Attribute: Reflexes
School Skills: Athletics, Defense, Hunting, Investigation, Kyujutsu 2, any one Courtly or Military skill.
Emphasis: Any Bow (Kyujutsu)
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Daishō, Light or Medium Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one Kyujutsu weapon, Personal Effects, 7 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Quick Draw
When attacking with a bow, gain +2k0. When rolling Initiative, increase your result by twice your Insight Rank. You may string or unstring a bow as a Simple Action. If an effect other than this technique allows you to string or unstring a bow as a Simple Action, you may string or unstring a bow as a Free Action.
Never let your guard down.

Rank 2 - Careful Placement
When attacking with a bow, gain a Free Raise you may only spend toward the Extra Attack maneuver. When rolling damage with a bow, gain +2k0.
Few things stop a man quicker than an arrow to the eye.

Rank 3 - Clean Kill
You may attack as a Simple Action when using a Bow.
You'll never have to stain your hands with blood.

Rank 4 - Impossible Shot
Once per skirmish, you may spend a Void Point as a Free Action. If you do, your next attack with a Bow ignores your target's Armor Bonus and Reduction, as well as your Wound Penalties, and any penalties from visibility (such as being Blinded or the weather).
Never tell me the odds.

Rank 5 - Dead Eye
As a Complex Action, make a single attack with a Kyujutsu weapon. When making this attack, gain +3k2. This attack's damage gains +3k2.
The precision of the Issekigan is legendary for good reason.

Issekigan Manhunter

Bonus Attribute: Willpower
School Skills: Athletics, Coercion, Investigation, Kyujutsu, Lore: Heraldry, Lore: Underworld. Weapon: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Any one Weapon Skill.
Emphasis: Investigation (Questioning)
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Daishō, Light or Medium Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one Kyujutsu weapon, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 8 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Imperial Entanglements
When testing or contesting a [Social] skill to gain information about a bounty, criminal, or criminal organization, gain +1k1. When making attack rolls against known criminals or bounties, gain Xk0, where X is your Perception trait. When you learn this technique, choose a weapon. Bows, Unarmed, and the chosen weapon are [Samurai] for you. All other weapons are not [Samurai] for you.
"Tell me about this local trouble of yours."

Rank 2 - Scum and Villainy
When testing or contesting Lore: Underworld, gain X Free Raises, where X is your School Rank. When testing or contesting Lore: Heraldry, gain Y Free Raises, where Y is half your School Rank.
When dealing with criminals, you must be cautious.

Rank 3 - Issekigan Shot First
You may make attacks as a Simple Action with [Samurai] weapons.
While Watanomi was busy aiming, Issekigan ended their rivalry.

Rank 4 - Don't Get Cocky
When attacking a known criminal or bounty, gain a Free Raise.
There's no such thing as luck.

Rank 5 - I Know
If you successfully identify a Samurai using Lore: Heraldry, you learn their Honor rank, Glory rank, and all [Mental] and [Social] disadvantages. If you attack and hit a known criminal or bounty, they are Stunned.
"Your eyesight will return, in time."


Any Clan of Flight School

Grudgebearer Dojo

Requirements: Heart of Vengeance: Yorukuusai Clan.
Special: Must swear an oath to never knowingly aid a member of the Yorukuusai Clan.

Rank 2 - Unforgiven
When making an attack against a mounted character or horse, gain +1k1. Against a member of the Nishikaze family, gain +1k1 to damage rolls and ignore up to X Reduction, where X is equal to 2*your ranks in Heart of Vengeance: Yorukuusai Clan.
Some insults can never be fully repaid.

Rank 4 - Fight Fire With Fire
You may activate this technique as a Free Action while mounted. For the remainder of the combat you may add your ranks in Horsemanship to your and your mount's Armor Target Numbers. This technique is only effective against attacks originating from other mounted characters, and is doubled for Yorukuusai attackers.
Death from embarrassment still counts as a death.

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