The Clan Of Glades


Bonus Attribute: +1 Willpower

The Juhi are the ruling family of the Clan of Glades. An oddity among the clans, they pay reverence to the spirits inhabiting the World Beyond the World rather than the Celestial or Terrestrial gods. The Juhi have close ties to the spirit beasts of the World Beyond the World, to the extent that they claim to have descended in part from them. Whether this is true or not, it is notable that the Juhi are the only onmyōji who regularly commune with those spirits, and their bloodline seems strongly predisposed to onmyōji. Their founder, a man known only as Juhi, was born without the ability to commune with the kami and found it difficult to relate with his peers. It was only after violence forced his community to flee into the deep, nigh impenetrable Kakureta Mori that Juhi discovered his ability to interact with the spirit beasts of the World Beyond the World. Suddenly thrust into a leadership position due to his talent, Juhi managed to keep the survivors safe by forging an alliance with the spirits, and the Clan of Glades was formed.

The Juhi tend towards being fair skinned, though their outdoorsy nature can push them towards a more tan tone. What makes the Juhi stand out is their hair and eye colors; a considerable percentage of them have coloration and features resembling those of animals. Typically taken as a sign of spiritual prowess, Juhi who develop yellow eyes or red hair often manifest onmyōji talent. Their manner of dress is considered shocking by other clans, as they often incorporate purified animal products like furs.

Juhi are often headstrong, proud almost to the point of arrogance of their heritage and onmyōji traditions, and terribly uncomfortable in cities. Though not exactly recluses they prefer to let the Kajiru speak with outsiders about the needs of the Empire, offering spiritual advice when needed.


Bonus Attribute: +1 Perception

Separate from the Juhi by name and not much else, the Kajiru family makes up the bulk of the Clan of Glades. The Kajiru family takes care of all the day-to-day workings of the territory, as almost all Bushi and Miyabito come from them. Though they rarely manifest onmyōji talent, the Kajiru venerate the spirits and the forest they inhabit all the same. Created as a necessity to protect the reclusive Juhi Animists, the Kajiru family was founded by one of Juhi's descendants, Juhi Kajiru, when he was born without the ability to speak with kami but his son Kichirou was. Realizing that as the Clan of Glades grew they would need a standing force of bushi to protect it, Kajiru became the first of many Rangers who would dedicate their lives to defending the lands of the Clan of Glades.

More physically robust than their Juhi brethren, the Kajiru tend to be more athletically built, but otherwise greatly resemble them. Though it is rare, some Kajiru do manifest the unusual features the Juhi are known for, but most have the same dark hair and eyes as most of the Empire's people. The Kajiru are more reserved and practical in dress; they still make some use of animal products, but don't dress as flashy as the Juhi.

The Kajiru tend to be more levelheaded and open minded than the Juhi, and considerably more comfortable interacting with outsiders and in cities. They take their duties very seriously, but make time to relax and enjoy their lives as well.

The Clan of Glades Schools

All Clan of Glades characters get a 1 point discount on the Blessed by Hengeyokai and [Heritage] [Blood] advantages related to shapeshifters, and gain 1 extra xp for taking the Antisocial disadvantage.

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