The Clan of Glades Schools

Basic Schools

Juhi Animist

Bonus Attribute: Stamina
School Skills: Animal Handling, Calligraphy, Defense, Hunting, Lore: Occultism, Medicine, any one Courtly or Military skill.
Emphasis: Nature (Hunting)
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Daishō, Robes, Scroll Case, Personal Effects, 3 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Beast Tongue
Gain the ability to speak with mundane animals and the Touched by Hengeyokai advantage, refunding the xp spent if you already have it. When attempting to use an onmyoji technique in a wilderness setting or interact with animal spirits, reduce the TN by 5.

When dealing with animal spirits, their Disposition starts at Favourable and their Boons are calculated as though they were +1 Power.
One can gain much from asking politely.

Rank 2 - Dire Curse
As a Complex Action, you may test Lore: Occultism/Earth at a Target Number of 20. If you succeed, pick a single human target within 50ft and choose Mental or Physical traits. Until the dawn of the next day, your target's traits in the chosen category are considered 1 lower, to a minimum of 1. Gain the following maneuver which can only be called when making this test.

Prohibition - 2 Raises. When this maneuver is called, in addition to reducing the target's traits, inflict one of the following penalties:

  • Cannot lie
  • Must answer questions with a question
  • Cannot drink alcohol
  • Cannot cross running water
  • Must make a TN15 Willpower test or seek out red meat when hungry

If, for whatever reason, you are forced to break one of these rules (such as being restrained and forced to drink alcohol), suffer 2k2 Wounds. This technique does not stack with multiple instances of itself, instead applying the most recent use.
Animists are well-versed in the prohibitions spirits face and how to mimic their effects temporarily.

Rank 3 - A Wild Guess
After spending ten minutes meditating, you learn the approximate distance and direction to the nearest threshold into the World Beyond the World. When presented with such a portal, you may test Lore: Occultism/Earth against a Target Number of 25. If you succeed, the portal is usable for one hour but can be reopened from inside. Once inside a friendly animal spirit will serve as a guide but will not enter combat on your behalf. Be aware that although the World Beyond the World lacks dangers such as bandits it also lacks conveniences like roads and comes with its own set of dangers. Long stays and large groups guarantee attracting unwanted attention from less than benevolent spirits, but small groups moving quickly are more or less safe. Probably.
The portal in Kakureta Mori is famous not for its size or stability, but rather for the affability of the spirits on the other side.

Rank 4 - Compounding Misfortune
When using your Rank 2 technique, instead reduce the chosen traits by 2. In addition, when calling the Prohibition maneuver, add the following to the list of penalties:

  • Cannot kill another living being
  • Cannot allow a human to touch you
  • Cannot speak
  • Cannot touch any object created by humans
  • Cannot enter a shrine or temple

Many a diplomatic incident has been caused by a rude guest speaking to an irritated Animist.

Rank 5 - Apex
As a Simple Action, you may test Lore: Occultism/Earth at a Target Number of 35. If you succeed, gain Lesser Fortune's Blessing in a skill of your choice or any one [Heritage] Advantage for one day. While under the effects of this technique, spirits from the World Beyond the World treat you as a fellow spirit. In addition, if you possess a [Heritage] Advantage and Disadvantage pair, you may ignore the effects of the Disadvantage.
The most accomplished Animists enjoy a camaraderie with spirits that few others approach.

Kajiru Ranger

Bonus Attribute: Varies
School Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Hunting, Investigation, Stealth, any one Courtly or Military skill, One Weapon skill associated with your Animal Spirit.
Emphasis: Tracking (Hunting)
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Daishō, Medium Armor, Sturdy Clothes, any one weapon, Aiguchi, Personal Effects, 3 Ryō

Rank 1 - On the Prowl
You may ignore the penalties incurred by wearing Medium Armor and your Athletics Mastery level is considered one higher. You do not lose Honor for using the Stealth skill. Knives and weapons associated with your Animal Spirit gain the [Samurai] tag.
A Ranger learns to wear their armor like a second skin and move in the wilds as beasts.

Rank 2 - Wild Thing
Gain a Free Raise on Athletics, Hunting, and Stealth rolls while in a wilderness setting. In addition, gain +2k0 on Contested rolls involving detection, whether avoiding detection or attempting to detect.
None are as attuned to the natural world as the Clan of Glades, and few move as comfortably in it as their Rangers.

Rank 3 - Red in Tooth and Claw
You may make attacks as a Simple Action with [Samurai] weapons.
No matter how tame a wild animal may seem, they will always attack when threatened.

Rank 4 - Shadow in the Forest
While in any kind of wilderness terrain gain a bonus of +1k1 on Stealth tests and on Athletics tests made to overcome naturally occurring Terrain Quirks. In addition, the TN to influence you with Social Skills is increased by your ranks in Stealth.
The Kajiru stalk their prey with grace seen only in the deadliest of predators.

Rank 5 - Rules of Nature
You gain the ability to communicate with animals associated with your Animal Spirit. This communication is imprecise and rough, and some ideas will not translate well. In addition, gain a Technique Bonus to your Armor Target Number equal to your Animal Spirit's Attribute plus your Insight Rank.
As the connection to the World Beyond the World grows, the line between Man and Beast begins to blur.

Animal1 Attribute Weapon Skill
Bear, Badger, Ox Stamina Kanabōjutsu
Tiger, Shark, Wolf Strength Kenjutsu
Eagle, Snake, Fox Reflexes Kyujutsu

1This is intended to give examples, not be a complete and restricted list. Talk to your GM about including different animals if that's important to you.


Juhi Animist

Beast-Faced Dojo

Requirements: Jujutsu 3, Investigation 2, Agility 4

Rank 3 - Gift of my Forebears
As a Simple Action, you may test Lore: Occultism/Earth at a Target Number of 25. If you succeed, choose one of the following boons:

  • Claws with a DR of 1k2; attack using Jujutsu/Agility
  • +3k0 on all Stealth tests and contests
  • The Scent special quality
  • Reduction equal to your Earth ring plus Void ring
  • Swift 1 and +2k0 on Athletics tests

These boons last for up to X hours, where X is equal to your Earth ring plus your School Rank. While this technique is active, all [Social] [Artisan] and [Craft] skills suffer of a malus of 2k1. You may end the effects early as a Free Action. After this technique ends, you are Exhausted.
The spirit's blessings are powerful, but strain mortal bodies terribly.

Rank 4 - Shapeshifter Blood
You are no longer Exhausted after using your Rank 3 technique. When using your Rank 3 technique, you may pick two boons. In addition, add the following to your list of boons:

  • Swim speed equal to your speed and breathe underwater
  • Climb speed equal to 1/2 your speed and reduce fall damage by 1k1
  • Venomous touch, as the Venom poison (can be applied through Claws)
  • Chilling Howl as a Complex Action that inflicts a Fear 2 effect on enemies that hear it

Of course, those with spirit ancestry handle the strain better than most

Rank 5 - Apotheosis
You no longer suffer any maluses from Gift of my Forebears. Choose one boon-this boon becomes permanent. Finally, add the [Spirit] tag to the list of boons and work with your GM to choose two substances. Contact with those substances causes you to lose the [Spirit] tag and its benefits for one hour. You cannot choose the [Spirit] tag as your permanent boon.
Friendship with the Reitante was never an option.

Kodama Dojo

Requirements: Hunting 4, Water 3
Special: Must swear an oath to never consume plant matter.

Rank 3 - The Green Pact
As a Complex Action in a wooded area, you may select X targets, where X is equal to your Water ring, and test Lore: Occultism/Earth at a Target Number of 25. If you succeed, each target chooses one:

  • Heal 2k1 Wounds
  • Gain one day's worth of water
  • Gain up to X Reduction and lose that much Initiative, where X is equal to your Water ring
  • Gain up to X Initiative and lose that much Reduction, where X is equal to your Water ring

The bonuses to Reduction and Initiative last one hour or until the end of the next skirmish, whichever happens first.
The forests honor those who honor their agreements

Rank 4 - Forestwalk
As a Complex Action, you may test Lore: Occultism/Earth at a Target Number of 30 to activate this technique. If you succeed, you may increase or reduce the difficulty of Overland Terrain within 20 feet of you by one step. If you successfully call a Raise on the roll, you may add or remove the Entangling Terrain Quirk from that terrain as well. This effect lasts for one hour or until dismissed.
The land itself will part to accommodate Animists and ensnare their enemies.

Rank 5 - Yorishiro
Gain X Reduction, where X is equal to your Earth ring plus Water ring, as your skin hardens like bark. If you are ever killed within 50ft of a fully grown tree, you are instead reduced to Dead-1 Wounds and pulled into the tree. You regain Wounds at a rate of one per round until fully healed, though this stops if the tree is severely damaged while you are inside. This technique will only activate once a month. When you die, a fully grown tree grows where your ashes are spread (or where your body lays, if you are not cremated).
The final and greatest gift the forests offer is to become one with them.

Kajiru Ranger

Warding Claws Dojo

Requirements: Defense 3, Earth 4

Rank 2 - Thick Hide
When performing the Guard action, your target adds X to their Armor Target Number, where X is equal to 2 * Your Earth. If an enemy successfully attacks the target of your Guard action, you may roll Defense/Earth at Target Number 30 to redirect the attack to yourself. You may redirect attacks onto yourself a number of times per combat equal to your Insight Rank.
Only the toughest Kajiru are allowed entry into the Warding Claws.

Rank 4 - Survival of the Fittest
If you successfully use your Rank 2 technique to redirect an attack onto yourself, you may force a contested roll of the attacker's Water versus your Earth as a Free action. If you succeed, you take half damage from that source before Reduction.
The Warding Claws will happily die to protect their charges, but prefer to think more long-term.

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