The Clan Of Heroes


Bonus Attribute: +1 Awareness

Urukame is the name given to each member of the Clan of Heroes, though it is inaccurate to say they are a family in the traditional sense. The clan has no publicly known holdings, no vaunted bloodline, and if there were a founder or founders, only the Urukame know. Intensely secretive when it comes to their histories, the only common thread between all known members is their affability. They are typically gregarious and friendly with the commoners as a rule, polite but distant with proper samurai, and harbor veiled suspicion towards members of the Kuge.

Physically the Urukame are diverse; there are no tells that give away a member of the Clan of Heroes. People are either offered membership or seek the Clan out on their own, and Urukame tend to wear plain, unremarkable clothing.

The Clan of Heroes Schools

Members of the Clan of Heroes may purchase Paragon of Bushido: Jin for 2 xp less; Hero of the People and Bland for 1 xp less. The Obsession of Bushido: Jin disadvantage grants an additional 1 xp.

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