The Clan Of Martyrs Schools

Kurushi Stalwart

Bonus Attribute: Strength
School Skills: Athletics, Defense, Etiquette, Investigation, Sincerity, Weapons: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Jujutsu, Any one skill.
Emphasis: Courtesy (Etiquette)
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Daishō, Medium or Heavy armor, Sturdy Clothing, Any one weapon, Personal Effects, 3 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Strength of Character
Swords and unarmed strikes gain the [Samurai] quality. At the beginning of each combat round, choose one effect:

  • Reduce all Wound penalties by X, where X is equal to your Willpower+2(School Rank).
  • Increase your damage rolls by X, where X is equal to your Strength+(School Rank/2, minimum 1).

When you can't bear to continue is when it is most important to.

Rank 2 - Power Through
When suffering Wound penalties, add a bonus of Xk0 to your damage rolls, where X is equal to half the number of Wound Thresholds you are currently suffering from, rounded down. For example, if you are in the "Hurt" threshold, you gain +1k0 to damage rolls, and +2k0 at "Injured".
The more you hurt, the harder you need to swing back.

Rank 3 - Lionheart
You may attack as a Simple Action while wielding [Samurai] weapons.
Once for yourself, and once for those you defend.

Rank 4 - Desperation Tactics
When making an attack with a [Samurai] weapon, you may spend a Void point to activate this technique. If you do, the attack ignores all penalties from Wound Thresholds.
Pain is only in the mind.

Rank 5 - Last Chance
Once per round, when you fail a test or contest, you may spend a Void point. If you do, reroll that test or contest with a bonus of 2k1.
When your back is against the wall, it's best to just muddle through.

Yawakara Partisan

Bonus Attribute: Agility
School Skills: Athletics, Daisōjutsu, Defense, Etiquette, Jujutsu, Lore: Occultism, Meditation.
Emphasis: Any (Daisōjutsu)
Honor: 5.5
Outfit: Daishō, Plain Clothing, Any one weapon, Personal Effects, 1 Ryō.

Rank 1 - The Soft Path
When making melee attacks with a polearm, spear, or unarmed strikes, gain a bonus of 1k0. While wearing no armor add X to your Armor Target Number, where X is equal to twice your School Rank. If you intend to defeat an opponent non-lethally and you bring them into their Dead threshold, instead place them at Dead-1.
There is only one true path in life, and that path is all paths.

Rank 2 - Elements Embodied
When you gain this technique, pick a non-Void ring. While wearing no armor, gain Reduction equal to X, where X is your chosen ring plus half your School Rank.
Resist, Dance, Flow, or Burn; all are equally good.

Rank 3 - Empty the Vessel
You may attack as a Simple Action while using polearms, spears, or unarmed strikes.
Regrettable as it is, sometimes you must cause suffering to alleviate it elsewhere.

Rank 4 - Internal Strength
When you gain this technique, pick a non-Void ring. When targeted by a spell and wearing no armor, increase the Target Number of that spell by X, where X is equal to twice your chosen ring. You can suppress or activate this technique as a Free Action.
The kami are inside each of us, just as they are in everything else.

Rank 5 - Gentle Force
When making attacks against a target you intend to defeat non-lethally, gain a bonus of 2k2 to all attack and damage rolls. Gain a Free Raise that can only be used to initiate a Grapple or the Disarm maneuver.
Life is precious, and deserves your protection.

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