The Clan Of Messages


Bonus Attribute: +1 Reflexes

The Nakikogoe are the masters of the the Clan of Messages. Their founder was the child of a spirit from the Sojourning Realm and a mortal woman; some suggest that this spirit was some strange native of that realm, while others believe that he was himself one of the dead, who somehow returned to the mortal world directly after death, rather than passing back into the Wheel or carrying on to an afterlife.

Regardless of his parentage, Nakikogoe's ability to invoke and speak with the departed was unparalleled, and his fame as a medium grew until he caught the attention of the Emperor, who, deeply troubled by woes, desired to speak with one long dead. Though their meeting was secret, the result was not, and Nakikogoe was permitted to found his own clan with the Emperor's gratitude and blessing.

Physically, the Nakikogoe are typically thin and dark, with a distinct grey cast to their complexions, and thick black hair. They tend to favor somber or subtle styles of dress.

Despite their dour appearances, many Nakikogoe are largely warm and genial in temperament, and they tend to maintain a wide net of friends and acquaintances. However, despite their willingness to gossip endlessly about themselves, they seldom repeat rumors about others, holding the privacy of those who make use of their talents as the highest duty.

The Clan of Messages Schools

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