The Clan of Messages Schools

Basic Schools

Nakikogoe Medium

Bonus Attribute: Awareness
School Skills: Calligraphy, Courtier, Etiquette, Lore: Occultism, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft.
Emphasis: Ghosts (Lore: Occultism) or Cryptography (Calligraphy)
Honor: 4.5
Outfit: Aiguchi, Calligraphy Kit, Daishō, Robes, Personal Effects, 3 Ryō.
Spells: Entreat, 3 Air, 2 Water, 1 Fire
Elemental Affinity: Air

Phantom Courier
As a complex action you may roll Lore: Occultism(Ghosts)/Awareness against a target number of 15. On a success, you may dictate a whispered message of up to seventeen syllables per School Rank. This message will be delivered undetected and unintercepted to the ears of one target recipient within a maximum range equal to your School Rank x 100 miles.
In the Sojourning Realm, time and distance are as illusory as everything else.

Nakikogoe Haunter

Bonus Attribute: Perception
School Skills: Athletics, Hunting, Lore: Occultism, Meditation, Sincerity, Stealth. Weapon: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu
Emphasis: Ghosts (Lore: Occultism) or Ambush (Stealth)
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Aiguchi, Daishō, Light Armor, Travelling Clothes, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 2 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Whispers of the Dead
As a Free Action, you may choose a number of targets equal to your School Rank to become your Marks for the remainder of the encounter. While you are attacking one of your Marks, gain +X, where X is equal to your Perception + the Darkness Rank applied to the attack. When you would suffer maluses caused by natural Darkness, treat that Darkness as if it were one Rank lower (this does not reduce that actual Darkness Rank, only the effective maluses). [Ninjutsu] Weapons are [Samurai] Weapons for you.
The dead are not without their advice to impart.

Rank 2 - Silent Wings
When testing or contesting Stealth, gain +2k0. When you would suffer damage from falling, the damage roll suffers a malus of -1k1; this malus increases to -2k2 at School Rank 4.
As quiet as the grave.

Rank 3 - Souls Take Flight
You may attack as a Simple Action when wielding a [Samurai] weapon.
In defense of his clan, a Haunter separates spirit from flesh.

Rank 4 - Thinning the Veil
When dealing damage, gain +X, where X is your Meditation Rank. Characters Marked by your rank one Technique now suffer a malus to their Armor Target Number equal to your Perception*2.
By partially entering the Sojourning Realm from which their ancestors came, the Nakikogoe come to more easily hear the voices of the departed.

Rank 5 - The Final Message
Whenever a character dies within 30 feet of you, add a Free Raise to your party's Tactics Pool and gain a Free Raise stored on this Technique. You may spend Free Raises stored on this Technique on attacks or damage rolls made against targets Marked by your Rank 1 Technique. Once per Encounter, you may activate this Technique; when you do, lose all stored Free Raises and regain that many Void Points. If this would put you over your maximum, gain the excess as temporary Void Points, which are lost at the end of the Encounter. Free Raises stored on this Technique are lost at the end of the Encounter.
In the moment of death, the passage between this world and the next opens fully, and in that instant a Haunter may learn countless secrets.


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