The Clan of Mountains Schools

Basic Schools

Ichikara Brute

Bonus Attribute: Strength
School Skills: Athletics, Commerce, Defense, Jujutsu, Any two Courtly or Military skills. Weapon: Samurai or Kanabōjutsu and Kenjutsu.
Emphasis: Emphasis in one Kanabōjutsu or Kenjutsu weapon
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Daishō, Medium or Heavy Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one weapon, Personal Effects, 3 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Cross the Mountain
You may reroll any skill or trait roll that uses Strength. You must keep the second second result if you do so. In addition, you suffer no penalties of Moderate terrain and only half penalties for Difficult terrain. Heavy Weapons and Unarmed Strikes gain the [Samurai] keyword for you.
In the harsh land the Clan of Mountains occupies, only the strong survive.

Rank 2 - Strength of Stone
A number of times per session equal to your Strength trait, you may reroll a damage roll. You must keep the higher result.
It is only fitting that the weak are crushed.

Rank 3 - Avalanche
You may make attacks as a Simple Action while using [Samurai] weapons.
If you can't withstand the mountain, stay off it.

Rank 4 - Overpowering Strike
Your attacks ignore all Armor Target Number from armor and Reduction equal to half your Strength.
You place too much faith in your armor.

Rank 5 - Strike Through
After rolling Initiative, you may choose to lower your result by any amount. When attacking a target that acts before you, add your Strength to the total of all attack and damage rolls.
It is not the first strike that determines the victor, but the final.

Ichikara Hunter

Bonus Attribute: Willpower
School Skills: Athletics, Coercion, Hunting, Investigation, Medicine, any one skill, Weapons: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Daisōjutsu.
Emphasis: Search (Investigation) and Survival (Hunting)
Honor: 3.5
Outfit: Daishō, Light or Medium Armor, Sturdy Clothing, any one weapon, Wardog companion (Bestiary Pending), Personal Effects, 1 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Dogs of War
You may substitute Coercion/Willpower for Animal Handling/Awareness for the purpose of training, controlling, and directing your Wardog (effects that target Animal Handling do not affect this Coercion roll). When used for this purpose Coercion is not considered Illicit, though some may object to the nature of your methods. When fighting alongside your Wardog companion, neither of you ever suffer any malus due to interference with one another. While within 10ft of your Wardog, both of you add X to your Armor Target Number and the total of attack rolls, where X is equal to your School Rank+2. Spears gain the [Samurai] tag for you.
The dogs are much like their masters: large, brutish, and ill-tempered.

Rank 2 - Self-Preservation
When attacking an enemy your Wardog attacked this turn, gain access to the following maneuver:

Sacrifice - 2 Raises. The next time you are targeted by an attack or are included in the area of a harmful spell during this combat, your Wardog moves adjacent to you and becomes the new target instead of you. They are considered to have X Reduction, where X is equal to 3 * Your Willpower. This maneuver has no effect if your Wardog is more than 10ft away from you.

Dogs that do not support their masters rarely make it to old age.

Rank 3 - Blood on the Mountain
You may make attacks as a Simple Action while using [Samurai] weapons.
It's either theirs or yours.

Rank 4 - Bloody Minded
When your Wardog would act, you may instead hold their action. If you do so, you may activate this technique. When you activate this technique, make an attack; this counts as your Wardog's Complex Action. When making that attack, choose one:

  • Ignore all effects of Armor on Armor Target Number.
  • If successful, deal damage equal to your Wardog's Bite. Your opponent is considered to be Grappled by your Wardog. Your Wardog uses their own traits for all Grapple Actions but uses your School Rank as their Jujutsu rank.

Spilled blood and torn flesh are common interests among the Ichikara and their dogs.

Rank 5 - Ferocious Speed
When calculating Movement distance, use the higher between you and your Wardog. When attacking the same target as your Wardog, gain two Free Raises. You may forego these Raises; if you do, your Wardog may make attacks as a Simple Action during their next turn.
High impact animal violence at its finest.


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