The Clan Of Spice


Bonus Attribute: +1 Stamina

The Mijimaki are the native inhabitants of the wide network of islands off the coast of the Empire, and the masters of the Clan of Spice. Before the Dawn of the Empire, the Mijimaki plied the sea around their island homes, braving crashing waves and howling storms to haul fish and trade with one another despite the chaos of the Primordial War. When the war between the gods ended and the Terrestrials and Celestials went among mankind to guide them, the gods ignored the island homes of the Mijimaki, their attention focused on the heart of the nascent Empire. But though they had been ignored by the majority of the gods, their bravery and prowess upon the open water caught the attention of Murakimizu, the Foam-Wreathed Lady of the Sea, who went among them for a time to guide them as the other gods guided their own charges.

Physically, the Mijimaki tend towards broad frames and long arms, but are often short of stature. Their complexion is typically more golden-brown than is common in the Empire, and their time on the sea often gives them a deep tan and a weathered look. In demeanor they are often loud and boisterous, but they can be prone to sullen silences when confronted with unwelcome outsiders.

The Clan of Spice Schools

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