The Clan Of Spirits


Bonus Attribute: +1 Perception

The only family officially listed in the Clan of Spirits, the Reitante believe in the power of humanity. They offer veneration to the elemental kami that inhabit the Mortal World but have a strong dislike for spirits from the other varied realms and have nothing but scorn for those who would consort with them. Their only large holding, Shiro Urameshi, was built up around a large, unstable portal by their founder, Reitante Yusuke. Their single-minded focus on their duty makes them unpopular with clans that claim divine parentage, who think the Clan of Spirits veer dangerously close to heresy with their views. An unusually large proportion of Reitante are born with the ability to speak with the kami, which only reinforces their belief that they are in the right.

The men and women of the Reitante family have many traits in common, namely their glossy black hair and sharp, slightly more narrowed eyes. When a Reitante child is born with blue eyes it is said to be a sign that they will be able to speak with the kami. Though not exactly true, many of their onmyōji do have blue eyes. They tend to dress in comfortably fitting but plain clothing, with even their Miyabito wearing clothing that is well made but simple in design.

As expected of such a small, dedicated family, the Reitante are dry at best and utterly humorless at worst. They are wary and serious even in casual settings, aware that spirits have many disguises and tricks that let them get just about anywhere. A very serious people, they nonetheless take great pride in their unusual art tradition that attempts to capture the world as it truly is rather than the stylized art the rest of the Empire.

The Clan of Spirits Schools

Members of the Clan of Spirits may purchase the Wary, Vigilant, and Heart of Vengeance: Spirits advantages for 1xp less than normal, and the Disbeliever and Cursed By disadvantages grant 1xp more than normal.

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