The Clan Of Sunlight


Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

The Hikaru are the masters of the Clan of Sunlight, a pious and highly traditional clan priests and shrine keepers dedicated to the service of the Radiant Lady of the Sun. Only the women of the family develop the gift of speaking with the kami, and as a result the Family is matriarchal, with rulership passing down the maternal line. The Family's founder was once an Itsumaru Fire Sage assigned holdings far from her clan's capital. When her lands were cut off the rest of the Negurakori by a border shift, she and her servants were also split off into their own lesser clan by the same Imperial decree. Stripped of her history and heritage, she felt purposeless until granted a vision by divine Kagayaki commanding her to build a great temple to the Sun.

Physically, the Hikaru are often quite slight, with large eyes and a slightly browned, sun-kissed complexion. They tend to dress very formally, seldom revealing much skin.

In temperament, Hikaru tend to be quiet and contemplative, spending much of their time in prayer and meditation. However, as a Family the Hikaru have a deep streak of independence, drawing on their direct service to the Lady of the Sun, and few have any patience for disrespect for their divine patroness or for interference from any of the Major Clans.

Hikaru are renowned in the Empire for their great library of fire magic, their unparalleled piety, and the high quality of their calligraphy, including many very fine illustrated manuscripts.


Bonus Attribute: +1 Reflexes

Guardians of the Hikaru and their holy sites, the Yoake are descended from a ronin brotherhood that accepted a longstanding contract to protect the Hikaru. As the years passed, the charges and guardians became close, some even intermarrying, and the ronin were eventually absorbed into the Clan of Sunlight. Though less pious than their Hikaru mistresses, they are still devoted to their duty, revere the Radiant Lady of the Sun, and are more than happy to help the Hikaru unleash Her terrible power on their enemies.

While the Hikaru are kissed by the sun's rays, the Yoake are hardened by it; they are typically taller and darker complexioned than the Hikaru. Their manner of dress is formal, much like the Hikaru, but plain, often only having their sunrise mon as decoration.

The Yoake tend to be physically active and possessed of energy. Though they do not shun pursuits of the mind, the Yoake do tend to leave most of that to their charges, rarely learning about more than theology. Yoake men tend to have great respect for women, and would gladly die to see them safe.

The Clan of Sunlight Schools

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