The Clan of Sunlight Schools

Basic Schools

Hikaru Illuminator

Bonus Attribute: Awareness
School Skills: Calligraphy, Divination, Lore: Theology, Meditation, Spellcraft, Any two Courtly or Military skills
Emphasis: Cipher(Calligraphy)
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Daishō, Robes, Scroll Satchel, any one Knife, Personal Effects, 10 Ryō
Spells: Entreat, 3 Air, 3 Fire
Elemental Affinity: Fire

Radiant Mantle of the Sun
During the day, you may add your Fire ring to your Armor Target Number and to contested Social Skill rolls. A number of times per day equal to your School Rank, when you are declared the target of a character’s attack, you may make a contested Lore: Theology(Fire)/Fire roll. If you win the contest, that character gains the Blinded condition before they make their attack. This condition lasts for a number of rounds equal to you Fire ring.
As beautiful and terrible as the morning.

Yoake Lightbearer

Bonus Attribute: Stamina
School Skills: Athletics, Defense, Etiquette, Jujutsu, Lore: Theology, Any one Courtly or Military skill. Either Weapon: Samurai or Kenjutsu and Sōjutsu,
Emphasis: Air (Lore: Theology), Fire (Lore: Theology)
Honor: 6.5
Outfit: Light or Medium Armor, Daishō, Sturdy Clothing, any two weapons, Personal Effects, 5 Ryō.

Rank 1 - Sun-Blessed
During the day, you gain a bonus to your Armor Target Number and Vigilance scores equal to X, and techniques and Spells that inflict the Blind condition also have their Target Numbers increased by X, where X is twice your Fire Ring. Spears and Polearms are [Samurai] weapons for you.
Kagayaki smiles upon you.

Rank 2 - The Power of the Sun
While in a Skirmish that takes place during the day, you may spend a Void Point and activate this technique. This technique lasts until the end of the Skirmish. While this technique is active, gain +X to your damage rolls, where X is your Fire Ring plus your School Rank
You already harness it; you need only unleash it.

Rank 3 - Sunset
You may attack as a Simple Action with [Samurai] weapons.
Sleep now, and awaken to a new dawn.

Rank 4 - Fury of the Sun
When attacking a target that is in sunlight or has attacked you this combat, your Raises are no longer limited in any way.
Hot the fire burns/Blasphemers who strike the Sun/Now charred to cinders.

Rank 5 - Speed of Light
During the day, your attacks ignore all positive effects your opponent gains from armor, techniques, and misc bonuses.
You cannot defend against light: by the time you see it, it's too late.


Yoake Lightbearer

Defender of the Sun Dojo

Requirements: Defense 2, Lore: Theology 3

Rank 2 - Shield the Sun
When performing the Guard action or otherwise defending a Hikaru personage or holy site, you may either add +Xk1 to your ward's ATN or +Xk0 to your attack roll where X is your School Rank.
Those who would eclipse the Sun will find us ready for them.

Rank 4 - Long May the Sun Shine
At the beginning of your turn, if you are Guarding someone, you may spend a Void Point. If you do, your ward is considered to have X additional Reduction where X is your School Rank times your ranks in Lore: Theology. This effect lasts until you are no longer guarding them.
Night is a long way off for us.

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