The Clan Of Venom


Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

The Dokuchi are the masters of the Clan of Venom, a secretive and often self-destructive Family of onmyōji dedicated to destroying the mortal servants of the Leech. The Dokuchi's founder was once an Itsumaru Earth Sage who destroyed a powerful cell of blood-sorcerers while under the guidance of a particular elemental dragon: Iōyama, the Dragon of Tainted Earth, a spirit of poisoned depths and sulfurous vapours.

Physically, the Dokuchi are typically tall and thin, with gaunt frames and features. Though born with normal coloration, the poisonous magic the Dokuchi practice quickly and invariably stains their eyes a sickly-seeming yellow that occasionally appears almost to glow in the dark.

In temperament, the Dokuchi are largely humorless, though they seem to find a perverse amusement in hopeless situations that is often off-putting to others. Many Dokuchi seem to care little for their own lives, striding without concern into danger while pursuing the destruction of the Leech's servants. A Dokuchi will consider even the most painful undertaking a success if it harms his foes at least as much as it harms himself.

The Clan of Venom Schools

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