Yorukuusai Clan

The Clan of Maps

Founded by the Far-Striding Lady of the Wind, the Yorukuusai were granted the duty of exploring and cataloguing lands outside the Empire. While this process existed harmoniously with the Empire during the early Imperial age, after the Empire grew to its natural borders (caged in by impenetrable mountains, a sparsely vegetated steppe, the corrupted bogs of the Leech, and the mighty sea), the Clan of Maps had difficulty fulfilling their duties. They tried first to chart the seas, and while they did discover and map an entire nearby archipelago, they never made it very far out to sea. The Yorukuusai turned their sights next to the harsh steppes, where they had much more success, successfully swaying a foreign clan and their god to join their ranks. This is the moment that truly defines the modern outlook of the Yorukuusai; while the gifts of culture and steel the gods brought with them as they settled the Empire have served the clans well, there are gifts and powers the gods did not bring, things yet to be discovered. It is these things unknown to the Empire at large that the Yorukuusai exploit. Horses from the plains have grown larger than their imperial counterparts, there are forms of magic that a typical onmyōji cannot preform, and there are materials and substances with useful qualities that in hundreds of years have not been discovered within the Empire. This small technological edge is what allows the Yorukuusai to continue their explorations abroad while projecting a military and political presence at home.

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