Yorukuusai Families
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Bonus Attribute: +1 Reflexes

The Nishikaze are the lords of the Yorukuusai Clan, descended from the Far-Striding Lady of the Wind. They form the bulk of their clan's military, serving as infantry, heavy cavalry, outriders, and scouts. They tend to be willowy, with the bowed legs of a people who spend their days in the saddle, and their complexion is typically the fairest in their clan, while still being a little swarthier than most others in the Empire.

In temperament, Nishikaze samurai, like all Yorukuusai, tend to be very direct in both speech and action. They seldom abide dishonesty or circumspection, and have little patience for speaking in circles. Conversely, Nishikaze are typically very patient with those below them, having grown much closer to their servants over centuries of nomadic life.

Like all Yorukuusai, the nomadic lifestyle is one the Nishikaze have never fully given up, but the realities of political responsibility make them among the most settled of their clan in order to accommodate relations with the other clans.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Agility

The Tasir are the only Family of the Yorukuusai whose origins lie outside the Empire. Before joining the clan, the Tasir were a gaijin people who roamed the vast steppes beyond the Empire's natural borders, herding horses, yaks, and goats, and raiding each other's settlements to survive. During Nishikaze's explorations at the dawn of the Empire, her people encountered the Tasir, who agreed to trade knowledge and goods with them, eventually coming to join the clan themselves after negotiations between their own god and the Lady of the Wind.

The Tasir serve and are descended from the Vulture-Hearted Lord of Steppe and Sky, Ezen Yalzarsan, a carrion god of death and rebirth. After his negotiations with Nishikaze, Ezen Yalzarsan joined the Empire's pantheon as the partner and consort of the Lady of the Wind. The Tasir now serve their clan most often as heavy berserkers, monster hunters, and priests of their god.

Physically, Tasir are typically large and swarthy, with deep-set eyes and blunt noses. Their hair is slightly coarser than others', and they grow it in more abundance than anyone else in the Empire; Tasir men often sport long and thick moustaches and beards, and their women typically wear long and elaborate braids.

Tasir maintain a wide variety of ancient and unusual customs from their origin outside of the Empire, including a high degree of nomadism, and others often consider them rude or barbaric because of it. The Tasir's typically short temper does little to alleviate this impression, but towards those who have earned their affection Tasir are often quite warm and open.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Perception

The Urada most often serve their clan as emissaries, caravan masters, and merchant patrons, and are typically small and unassuming in countenance, with high, flat cheekbones. They tend to wear clothes that blend gaijin and traditional styles, and their hair is often more carefully groomed than the wilder appearance of the other Families of the Yorukuusai.

In temperament, Urada are typically patient, open, and polite to a high degree. Urada typically abhor violence, and will most often do their utmost to resolve any situation amicably. They maintain many of the gaijin traditions of their fellows, but have a vast and deep knowledge of the customs and practices of others, both inside the Empire and out of it, and will endeavor to act as politeness dictates, no matter where they are and what 'politeness' means in that place.



Bonus Attribute: +1 Intelligence

The Touyama serve their clan most often as occultists, wielding their unusual talisman-based name magic in battle. Physically, they are among the more imposing members of their clan, with wild appearances. They are prone to unusual eye colours, including blue and green, which is the product of gaijin heritage at the least; some among them claim to be descended from inhuman spirits of the desert, which might very well be true.

In temperament, Tōyama are typically boisterous and daring, and are one of the most war-like onmyōji families in the Empire. They maintain the second highest level of nomadism in their clan, and their studies more often take place under the open sky than in temples and shrines. Though respectful of the gods and the kami, the Tōyama's magic does not interact with these forces, and so as a Family they are much less pious than one might expect given their role.

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